Custom Clearance Services in Dubai

Our team at Alma Cargo ensures a smooth and comfortable customs clearance for you so that you receive your goods on time in the required place. Our Customs Brokers ease the regulations and paperwork of Import and Export quickly and speedily for all of your shipments. We help clear and handle all trade compliance and procedures, consignments by sea, land, and air more efficiently.

Our Customs Clearance Services include:

  • Understanding local rules and regulations
  • Assist as a consultant in areas of customs procedures and law
  • Assist in the application of government permits
  • Advising on duty payable
  • Custom formality at all customs terminals.
  • Monitoring, planning, executing, modes of transportation for the movement of cargoes between port to intended destination or vice versa.
  • Committed to achieving customer satisfaction
  • Experience in handling different commodities
  • Highly efficient working procedures
  • Customer-centric policy and actions approach
  • Complete documentation

Over the years Alma Cargo, have cleared all types of shipments, both primary and secondary, for a variety of goods from over the world with complete accuracy. Being customs clearing specialists, we do a proper study of all local regulations so that we can help you overcome even the most demanding concerns of trade compliance in UAE. We identify the demands, challenges, and hurdles for your business and help you arrange your customs clearance paperwork accordingly so that day-to-day formalities are met, and your business flows smoothly.

We have skilled team who are very well experienced in the Customs clearing services. We have decent associations with the Customs and additional associated authorities and also the Municipality & Health sectors, and as a result, we can give distribution of the goods to our customers without any postponement. We are appreciated for providing quick and speedy delivery of cargo with total transparency in accounts and financial transactions. And we take pride in having staffs well versed with the customs nomenclature, regulations and processes of UAE.

Frequently Asked Questions About Customs Clearance

What Are the Documents Required for Customs Clearance at Port ?

Below Are the normal documents required for clearing items from dubai port

  1. Air Way Bill (Air) or Bill of Lading(Sea)
  2. Invoice 
  3. Packing List
  4. Certificate of Origin (Not Mandatory for Air shipments) 

What is Documents Required for Creating Import Code ?

Below Are the Document which is required for creating an Import code at Dubai Customs

  1. Valid Trade License 
  2. Passport Copy of Authorized Person
  3. Import Code of Authorized Person
  4. Visa Copy of Authorized Person
  5. Under Taking Letter *

Is there Any Duty or Tariff Applicable for My Shipment ?

Normally any Commercial Shipments arriving at uae port , a standard rate of 5 % Duty  and 5 % Vat is applicable * . This may not be same case for personal effects ,  Duty excempted items , Alcohol or Tobacco etc

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