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Storage Services in Dubai

We are the leading storage service provider in Dubai. With Alma Cargo Storage services in Dubai, you can get rid of the hassle of storing goods. A click of a mouse lets you choose your space unit, reserve a unit, pay for it, and much more. You can always find a suitable and clean storage area at our company, one of the best storage services in Dubai. With our facilities, you can rent moving trucks, monitor your storage units, and have secure gated access.


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Everyone’s got too much baggage in Dubai, and we’ve got the best place to store it.

The Space You Need, When You Need It

There’s no need to pray for a qualified storage services in Dubai, ALMA CARGO has a 20-year reputation for securely storing everything from a few extra boxes to prized art collections and rare furniture. Our full-service moving and storage services in Dubai, UAE come with an all-inclusive flat rate price, making the value for the quality unparalleled. We operate by a strict code of honesty and fairness that’s made us the top-rated provider in Dubai.

Flexible Storage Options for Every Customer

Just need to stash a few things for a few weeks? Find a home for your things while you move into a new place? Or plan to leave your stuff here while you leave the country for a while? Anything goes at ALMA CARGO. We have flexible options that lock in a single price that never expires or increases.


If you need storage for a few days, weeks, or a month or two, ALMA CARGO is a cost-effective option. This is the perfect fix when you need extra space during a renovation or need to free up a room for temporary houseguests. We’ll even move it here and then bring it back for you, just say the word.


Taking a position abroad? Or couldn’t squeeze everything you own into the small-space-high-rent options in Dubai? With several storage unit sizes to choose from, we’ll find the smallest required for your needs so you never pay for space you aren’t using.

All-Inclusive Storage, Moving and Relocation Services

Navigating a move into, out of, or around Dubai is a headache most people don’t even want to think about. ALMA CARGO has it down to a science and we’re happy to take the burden out of your hands. Whether you’re moving a few boxes over a few blocks, or feel like you’re moving the contents of Museum into your new house, our professional, trusted team will be there with the boxes, tape, and blankets to execute a seamless, stress-free move. And if it’s time for you to leave behind the nation, we’ll customize a local, long-distance or international moving experience that gets everything you own there safely and on time.

Business Storage Servicess

It is vital to conduct business in a right manner in order for it to run smoothly. Complete preparation and prompt service go a long way toward reaching corporate objectives, but even after planning, there are numerous tasks for which a specialized team is required. The same is true for storage, which necessitates the use of a firm that has experience and knowledge in business storage Dubai. We understand how to safely keep all of the company’s assets. Company storage is responsible for the preservation of critical items such as business materials, papers, and so on.

Heavy machines must occasionally be stored in commercial storage, whether for a short time or for a long time, but rusting and jamming cannot be avoided if the machinery is not well maintained. That is why Alma Cargo Storage offers separate parts for these devices, ensuring that there is no excess moisture and no risk of rusting. Their packaging is particularly unique in that it is dirt and dust resistant.

Our packaging crew is that specializes in boxing each item independently for business storage in Dubai. Whether it’s extra goods or heavy gear, everything is packed in a secure manner. If you need shelves, racks, or cabinets in your office or warehouse to keep extra goods and machinery safe, Alma Cargo Storage has everything you need.

storage services in dubai

Protected storage facility

Our customers can rest their minds since their valuable goods are safely secured in our protected storage facility in Dubai. Our highly secured storage facility in Dubai offers peace of mind to our clients knowing their valuable goods are in safe hands. Ring us right away to know more about our best storage services in Dubai.

Modernized storage Facility

Modern era is demanding advanced solutions and this evolution in trend reflected in storage services as well. Alma Cargo adapts these changes and our modern storage facility in Al Quoz, Dubai with climate control facility, is fully equipped and functional. We are strong rooted in the market with our reputation and commendable customer support.

Strategic location

We are located in such a location that ensures quick reachability to our clients to collect their goods. Our storage services in Dubai are offered for a tenure of long term as well as short term which ensures our clients to extend the storage service for a period of their choice and requirement.

Budget Friendly

Our services are designed in a way that suits your budget and a plate full of storage units’ options and rate choices are served to pick up the best suitable one which seems most appropriate to you. Our service team ensures that your shipments are safe and secure throughout the transit and throughout its storage tenure in our storage facility. Protected storage facility.

Why You Can’t Beat ALMA CARGO Storage Services in Dubai

Even if everything you own feels like it could fill the UAE, we have an affordable storage services for you. Best of all, it’s a price that will never change for the duration of your needs. There’s more than just one reason people throughout the Dubai choose ALMA CARGO:

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